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Women Only Concealed Carry Class
As with our Concealed Carry Class, our Instructors are recognized by the State of New Mexico Department of Public Safety to teach and certify the general Public for Concealed Carry Weapons.
This class is designed for the female Shooter who wants to obtain her CCW License outside of judgmental, stressful environment.  Students are taught how to operate their firearms accurately and with Self-Defense / defense of others in mind.
Concealed Carry Weapon Class includes:
1. Core Safety Rules and Range Safety.
2. State Laws on Deadly Force.
3. Home firearm safety.
4. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the pistol.
5. Seven Fundamentals of Marksmanship (proper grip,
stance, sight picture, etc).
6. Ammunition selection.
7. Threat engagement procedures.
8. Holsters and Drawing Techniques
Items needed for Classroom:
Note Taking Material
Items needed for Range:
Pistol, Holster, and three pistol magazines/ speedloaders
Minimum of 150 rounds of ammunition for your pistol
Recommend bringing a Bag Lunch and Water
Ball Cap / Boonie Hat*
Eye Protection*
Hearing Protection*
(* - These items are mandatory for the Range)
Group Rates are available for 5+ Students. Contact us for rates.
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