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Security Training Classes
The State of New Mexico requires that all persons who work in a Private Security Capacity must receive Training and become Registered with the New Mexico Regulations & Licensing Department / Private Investigations and Polygraph Board.
Innovative Security Solutions takes the State of New Mexico training requirements to the next level.  Training is conducted to not only get the Student prepared for uniformed Security work, but teaches the Student to be an asset to the Client and how to protect themselves in the workplace and in the courtroom.
         Level 1 Training Class - This class is the Basic class for the
 Security Enforcement Officer to obtain his / her Level I
 Guard Registration. Class emphasis is on the Security Officer's 
 role in society and how important the Security Officer is as a
 First-on-Scene Responder. This class teaches the Student how
 to be the best in the Security field.  (This Class is a prerequisite
 for Levels 2 or 3, according to New Mexico Law.)            
 Level 2 Training Class - This two day class shows the Student
 how to be prepared for real Unarmed Assailants and enables
 the Student to obtain his / her Level II Guard Registration,
 legally allowing the carry and utilization of Self-Defense or
 Restraining items. Class emphasis is on the Reactive Control
 Modelrepetition to reinforce learning, and the Security 
 Enforcement Officer's role in a situation where he / she may
 need to defend themselves or a third party.  Items  covered
 are Defensive Tactics, Handcuffing, Baton, and Pepper Spray.
 (Students of this Class must, also, complete Level 1.  Level 2
 is a prerequisite for Level 3 according to New Mexico Law.)
 Level 3 Training Class - This class teaches the Student to not
 only become a better Pistol Marksman, but also prepares the
 Student for the real world scenarios. This three day class is for
 the Professional Security Officer to obtain his / her Level III
 Guard Registration and be able to carry a Firearm for self-
 defense purposes. Class emphasis is on safety and the Security
 Officer's response to a Deadly Force Action.  (Students of this
 Class must, also, complete Level 1 and 2, according to New
 Mexico Law.)
Items Needed for Classroom:
Note-taking Material
Duty Pistol
Items Needed for Range:
Belt and Holster
Duty Firearm and a Minimum of 3 Magazines / Speedloaders
Minimum of 150 rounds of ammunition (more is strongly recommended)
Recommend bringing a Bag Lunch and Water
Knee Pads (if desired)
Ball Cap / Boonie Hat*
Eye Protection*
Hearing Protection*
(* - These items are mandatory for the Range)
Group Rates are available for 5+ Students.  Contact us for rates.
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