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Physical Security Risk Consulting 
ISS Consulting takes the ‘guess-work’ out of dealing with Uniformed Security Companies and “watches the watchers” to help the Customer’s Reputation be maintained so that a negative reputation does not affect the Customer’s income. 
Our professional Consultants are highly trained in Uniformed Security Services, Surveillance / Intelligence Gathering, and Business Strategies.  
Physical Security Risk Consulting can lower Insurance Rates while creating an atmosphere where the Business Owner, Employees, and their Visitors and Customers can feel safe and secure.  With the Client's desires in mind, our Physical Security Risk Consulting allows you the opportunity to receive the services that will assist in making your business more profitable.
Physical Recurity Risk Consulting is avaiable for the following industries:
Shopping Centers
Apartment Complexes / Units
Construction Sites
Transportation Distribution Centers
Retail Stores
Business Centers
Office Buildings / Parks
Consulting Service includes:
                    Bi-Weekly Reports of the conduct of the Security Company to
                    ensure that actions of the Uniformed Security personnel and
                    procedures are known
                    Liaison Services that afford Customers to be able to work
     with their business and not waste precious time dealing
     with their Security Company
                    Specified Post Orders (Standard Operating Procedures) that
                    are specific to the business so the Security Company knows 
                    how to conduct themselves on the property
                    Weekly Compilation Reports that show the major issues that
                    occurred during the week
                    Surveillance of the Property that shows how the contracted
                    uniformed Security Service conducts themselves
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