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Innovative Security Solutions - Creating Better Solutions for Real World Problems
Innovative Security Solutions offers many different Training Programs and Consulting Services. Our entire team are experts in those roles. As a result, a high percentage of our Clients and Students are repeat customers.
We conduct professional and comprehensive Training and Consulting Services for business owners, Law Enforcement, and Security Officers for all of New Mexico and the United States.
Andrew Steele Innovative Security Solutions
Andrew Steele   Owner / Lead Instructor- Having 20+ years experience in Private Security, Mr. Steele has performed as Contracted Security Agent, Executive Protection Agent, Vice President of Security Companies, Operations Manager, Lead Intelligence Officer, Executive Officer, Customer Liaison, Senior Patrol Officer, and Field Training Officer.
Mr. Steele is recognized as a CCW Instructor by the State of New Mexico Department of Public Safety and Certified as a National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for eight years in the following disciplines:
Law Enforcement Handgun Instructor
Law Enforcement Shotgun Instructor
Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor
Law Enforcement Tactical Shooting Instructor
He is also a National Rifle Association Certified Instructor in the following disciplines:
Home Firearm Safety
Personal Protection in the Home

Mr. Steele is a proud member of ASIS. 

Instructor Tony 'B' Bieniek
Tony 'B' Bieniek    Director of Operations / Instructor- 'B' has a long history in Security from being an Armed Courier to Security Officer as well as being a Security Supervisor.
‘B’ is also a veteran of the U.S. Army, enlisting in 2001 as an M1A1 Armor Crewman and has served 3 tours overseas including 2 combat tours in Iraqi Freedom. 'B' has also served as a Military Police Officer in the New Mexico National Guard where he conducted one more tour overseas in the Sinai Peninsula. During his enlistment, ‘B’ was selected to attend Army Combatives Levels 1 & 2.
‘B’ received his Teaching License at “Dragonfire Defensive Concepts” where he taught or assisted classes regularly. He learned ground fighting, striking and stick/knife fighting under Professor Jake Styvesant. ‘B’ received his Range Safety Officer license there while helping out on the range during New Mexico Concealed Carry Classes.

Various   Guest Instructors / Staff - Innovative Security Solutions utilizes various personnel for the Classroom, Range, and Consulting

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